Monetize your content

Are you looking for additional advertising revenue for your website?

Do you feel limited on how you can convert readership into advertising revenue?

Are you concerned about putting too many ads on your site and losing credibility?

Do you find it difficult to sift through the endless sea of advertising networks to know which one is right for your audience?


Make your life easier by gaining a new revenue stream for your website. Don't worry about advertiser selection or having to produce more content. Keep your limited resources focused on what you're best at while your content is translated into a new medium.

Odovox produces podcasts for free to select websites. You can earn additional advertising revenue from your existing content with no risk and no extra work. Stop worrying about making sure you're maximizing your site's potential. Let us do the work for you so you can earn more revenue without the headaches of working in a new medium.

Our company handles the podcasting production using your existing site content. While you focus on blogging, we take your text and produce an audio form of it. This is then freely available to your audience via RSS and other formats.


Here's what blogger Farnoosh Brock has to say about bloggers considering working in new mediums:

"Exploring a new medium can be scary and challenging, difficult and time-consuming"

"People like to consume their information in their preferred format."

"There are also massive audiences that consume information only through listening. There are hundreds of thousands of people who only listen to podcasts and only search iTunes for their favorite subject areas."



Gain a new revenue stream

Stay focused on what you do best

Avoid the messy and complex production work of audio production

Keep your hosting bills minimal. We host the audio for you.

No additional resources or work hours are required to benefit from our program

Gain a new audience of listeners beyond your existing readers Increase the engagement and depth of your relationship to your audience


How this changes the game for YOU

Make the most of your time by knowing you're maximizing the impact you're having with your site

Grow your brand's credibility by being in more than 1 medium

Build credibility by offering a podcast; something most bloggers don't have the resources to do.

Take your work and your career to the next level of professionalism


Podcasting has already helped popular bloggers like Maren Kate, Yaro Starek, Dan Andrews, and others.

Maren Kate

"It definitely drove a lot of traffic and very specific traffic since they were people that liked the general concept of the podcast… not just strangers who stumbled upon it."


Yaro Starak

"Having a podcast is my number one recommendation for any blogger or person who has content to share online."

"It would be an easy way to create new content for my blog in a different media format to reach more people."

"The podcast turned out to be the best marketing technique for my blog and business that I have ever done"


Dan Andrews

"It’s brought a lot of attention through alternate distribution channels like iTunes"

"After listening to your podcast for a while your audience feels a real trusting connection to you that I feel is more difficult to achieve in text alone."


Odovox only partners with reputable, trusted, and experienced thought leaders in different industries. Our careful review process ensures that our client list maintains a level of quality that any blogger would be proud to be a part of. The podcasts are produced using professional studio equipment. Your carefully crafted website's reputation for quality will transfer over from text to audio.

All listenership statistics are shared with our clients. You'll have full access to regularly published reporting containing all relevant metrics. The podcasts are produced from your regularly published site content. If there's anything you want specifically left out, we'll gladly oblige.

Once you partner with us, you'll receive: a professionally produced podcast based on your regularly published site content. The podcast will be hosted by us and available via RSS to your subscribers. This is followed by regularly scheduled reporting of all relevant podcasting metrics.

Once your site's podcast builds up a sustainable audience, we'll begin including carefully selected, relevant advertising.

Once we find advertisers for your podcast, you'll start earning revenue each month.


No Risk

There is absolutely NO RISK to you at all. All production is handled by our team, as well as IT services such as hosting, storage, and the RSS feed. You can cancel the arrangement at any time. There are no contracts or obligations.


What does it cost to join? Nothing

You can't lose any time or money because it doesn't cost you anything to join and we do all the work for you. Register your site now and we'll contact you to see if you qualify.